The modern on-site facilities include:

  • 2 age specific Outdoor Playground Areas
  • A library and study area
  • Counsellors office
  • Large sports hall
  • Age specific bathroom facilities
  • Medical room
  • Small group working rooms
  • Onsite Dining Room & Catering Service
  • Parking

All King’s College schools offer an array of onsite facilities in order to provide a dynamic learning environment for our pupils.

King’s College, The British School of Latvia, is no different and will offer both indoor and outdoor facilities to ensure that our pupils can benefit from every angle that the British curriculum has to offer.

Our Library ensures that pupils have access to the best written materials to inspire and enthuse and  the spacious sports hall offers them the opportunities to try their hand at a multitude of different sporting activities.

Like the other schools in King’s Group, King’s College Latvia comes complete with independent bathrooms for the Early Years classrooms (Nursery & Reception), as well as direct access onto an external play space, so that pupils can make the most of the diverse outdoors that the area has to offer. Both Infant and Senior playgrounds are separated to allow our pupils to enjoy the spaces around them safely.

ICT Equipment 

Every classroom has its own computing provision. Pupils benefit from a range of early years software packages in the Nursery where they begin to develop basic computer skills such as mouse control.

Children then have the opportunity to practice their skills in an interactive and stimulating environment, usually working in pairs with their teacher or learning assistant. Sound, colour and animation all help to captivate a child’s interest in computing right from the start of their education.

Sports Facilities

Involvement in competitive sport is fun, but the real value is in developing teamwork and working hard physically towards a goal. The health of your child is as important as their intellectual growth and we provide physical education in the curriculum as well as opportunities to play competitive sport after school.

Whether playing games in the Infant school playground, or being part of the football team in Primary school, the children benefit from fresh air and physical fitness. King’s College offer access to many school clubs outside the curriculum that challenge children mentally as well as physically.

At all of our schools, we invest in first-class sporting facilities, because through the sweat and tears comes a sense of accomplishment and community. We have a wide range of opportunities for children to get involved in sport and other activities throughout their time at school.