King’s College, The British School of Latvia provides a unique educational environment that puts children and their families at the heart of all we do.

In our school we take pride in delivering inspirational teaching which draws on the best practices of the National Curriculum for England and Wales and embeds an international mindset in all our students. Our curriculum is designed to inspire students, both young and old, and to create a desire to want to learn more. Our mission is to ensure students love learning and set the foundations for them to be lifelong learners.

Through the linking of subjects and by providing practical learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom our students have the opportunity to grow and develop embracing the IB learner profile attributes. These attributes are a key driver of the school’s provision and ensure that our students become young people who will actively seek to change the world for the better.  We believe that learning does not need to be confined only to the classroom and we include Outdoor Learning as part of our school curriculum for every child in the primary years. We also commit to offering travel experiences which provide our older students, in year 6 and above,  the opportunities to learn in environments beyond Latvia and develop an appreciation about how visiting other countries can enhance their learning journey.

At King’s College Latvia each student is an individual and as such, we ensure that our pupils receive a learning journey that is as unique as they are. Our teachers are trained to respond to the needs and interests of the students when planning their learning. We seek to ensure that the latest thinking about learning is displayed in our classroom and have a special interest in students understanding how they learn and why they learn. We embed metacognitive approaches and responsive teaching in all we do.

Our students gain an exemplary academic education, while at the same time are equipped with the social and critical thinking skills, to allow them to embrace the challenges of an ever-evolving world. We believe in values education and therefore our values permeate all we do. Children develop a rich ethical vocabulary at King’s College Latvia and are introduced to the idea of service from an early age, be this helping their peers or younger students within the school or actively participating in supporting members of the wider community.

Our students understand local Latvian culture, values and heritage, whilst at the same time learning to develop into global citizens. We take our social responsibilities very seriously at King’s College Latvia and students are active supporters of local charities and international charities.

We see each one of our students as a future leader and as such we nurture these skills giving them opportunities to take on many responsibilities within the school community. Our students are members of a house team and work together to collect House points and to drive friendly competition between the Houses.  Our aim is that our students become responsible and proactive members of local, national and international communities.

As a King’s College school we benefit from being a close sister school to the other British International Schools within the prestigious King’s and Inspired group. This allows us to draw on a wealth of experience and opens up a world of learning opportunities for our pupils and staff alike. In choosing King’s, you can be assured your child’s future is in dedicated, experienced and safe hands. You will also benefit from access to some of the best advice a parent can have when setting pathways for university and future careers.

It would give me great pleasure to welcome you and your family to our school for a visit and to have the opportunity to share with you our very special community.