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King’s College Latvia is a co-educational independent day school 

Offers of places are based on a judgement about whether a child will thrive in our educational environment. Thus, the later the stage in a child’s school career when an application is made, the more likely it is that there will be a requirement for existing proficiency in spoken and written English. 

Children may be admitted to any year group provided that there is space, though entry into either Year 11 or Year 13 needs to be approached with caution since these years are the second phases of two-year courses. 

For the purposes of entry applicants' ages are calculated according to Spanish custom, with a 1 January birthday watershed. In cases where applicants apply from a different education system or country, the year group on entry will be considered sequentially according to their previous education system. 

In exceptional circumstances, an applicant may have fallen behind in his/her education due to illness, time spent abroad, etc. In such a case, the School may offer a place in a year lower than the applicant's age would normally imply. Likewise in exceptional circumstances, the School may also offer an applicant a place in a year ahead of his/her chronological age group if it is deemed by the Head to be in the pupil’s best interests to do so. Parents or guardians will be consulted before such an offer is made, but the decision as to the appropriate year for the applicant, taking into account all the relevant circumstances, is a matter for the Head, whose decision is final. 

This policy and its procedures have been authorised by the King’s Group Board. The Board delegates authority to the Heads of the schools to identify applicants whose academic and other abilities appear to match the ethos and standards of the schools, and whose personal qualities suggest that they have the potential to contribute sufficiently to the school community and benefit from the many opportunities that are offered. 

This policy is for guidance and will be adapted by the school from time to time as circumstances require. 

Most sections of this policy apply to all three Madrid schools. The sections covering procedures vary slightly between schools.

Policy and procedures for King’s College Latvia 

Throughout the admissions procedure King’s College School’s policy is to ensure the best interests of the pupil educationally. To this end: 

  • All prospective pupils must undergo a selection process which varies according to their age (see information below on the different sections within the college). 
  • The selection process is to be carried out with the full knowledge and participation of the Heads of the appropriate feeder schools. 
  • Following this selection process, admission to the school requires the approval of the Head of King’s College School. 
  • Once an application is in process King’s College School may contact the child’s current school for a confidential reference. 
  • The school reserves the right to refuse admission to candidates whom it considers will not benefit from the educational programme offered by King’s College School. 
  • When allocating places the Head may at his/her discretion also take the following into account (in no particular order): 
    • a) academic performance and potential 
    • b) pupil’s ability to offer excellence within a particular facet of the school’s extracurricular programme 
    • c) pupils with brothers or sisters in the school 
    • d) children with one or both English speaking parents 
    • e) children from families who are relocating to Latvia 
    • f) children of former King’s College School pupils 
    • g) pupils at other King’s Group schools 

However, children’s admission to the school is subject to the selection process for the appropriate age group and the availability of places in the appropriate year group.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (Nursery – Year 2)  

Entrance to the Infant Department and Key Stage 1 requires an interview with the parents and the child. Where this is not possible or where appropriate, reports from previous schools or Pre-Nursery should be presented. 

If it is felt that the child is not progressing adequately even by the time he/she is in Reception, parents may be asked to find alternative schooling for their child at the end of the Foundation Stage. 

Pupils with no prior knowledge of English may be accepted into Nursery and Reception classes and initially are not required to have any extra language support. 

Pupils for Years 1 and 2 with no prior knowledge of English will be accepted if pupils show learning potential and good socialisation 

Pupils are not required to have previous knowledge of Latvian

Primary School Key Stage 2 (Year 3- Year 6) 

Entrance to Key Stage 2 requires school reports from previous years and a CAT4 baseline assessment which may take place in their current school for pupils from international schools abroad. 

Pupils with no/little prior knowledge of English must agree to a programme of EAL as recommended by the school and parents should expect to be liable for the incurred costs. The duration of the EAL course will be decided by the school.

Secondary Department KS3: Year 6- Year 9 

Entrance to the Secondary Department requires school reports from previous years and a CAT4 baseline assessment which may take place in their current school for pupils from international schools abroad. 

The reports must show consistently favourable progress academically, behaviourally and in terms of effort. 

Confidential references are normally sought from the pupil’s current school regarding their academic record and behaviour. 

All pupils applying for entry to the Secondary Department should preferably have a good level of English and have attended a UK or a British international school. Pupils with little prior knowledge of English must agree to a programme of EAL as recommended by the school and 4 parents should expect to be liable for the incurred costs. The duration of the EAL course will be decided by the school.

Returning Pupils 

Pupils who leave King’s College School for any reason will not be automatically accepted if they wish to return. 

Pupils who wish to return after a year should reapply and follow the normal Admissions procedure for their age group. 

If a parent plans to remove their child from King’s College School for a whole academic year (e.g. to spend Year 8 in an English boarding preparatory school), then the school can only guarantee readmission via the payment of holding fee of €1.000 per term.

Equal Treatment 

All candidates for admission will be treated equally, irrespective of their or their parents', race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, gender reassignment or any disability. Candidates will also be treated equally in respect of their parents' age, gender or marital or civil partnership status.

Confirmation of Places 

All admissions to King’s College School are considered by the school’s Admissions Panel, which comprises a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Head, Deputy Head, Head of Primary or Secondary) and the Head of Admissions. This meeting takes place upon Head of Admission’s request as and when necessary.

The School will be in a position to offer or reject an application once all the above steps in the admissions process have been satisfactorily completed.

If King’s College School has not received the confirmation payment by the date stated on the offer letter, a place can no longer be guaranteed.

Register of Admissions 

The register of admissions is held securely in electronic form by the Head of Admissions. Paper copies of admissions documentation are also kept securely. Admissions documentation for candidates who are not admitted to the school is kept for 6 months and then destroyed. Names and contact details of all parents who seek admission to the school are kept electronically for an indefinite period owing to the possibility of another approach to the school at a later date.

Disability and Special Educational Needs 

King’s College School has limited facilities for the disabled but will do all that is reasonable to comply with its legal and moral responsibilities under Spanish law. 

Parents of a child who has any disability or special educational needs must provide the Head of Admissions with full written details (including a copy of all reports prepared by an Educational Psychologist and/or other appropriate specialist where available) when registering for admission. A Disability Needs Assessment Form is available from the Head of Admissions. 

This information is required so that, in the case of any child with particular needs, the School can assess those needs and endeavour to make sure that facilities can be provided adequately for those needs throughout the admissions process. 

The School will consult with parents and their medical advisers about the adjustments which can reasonably be made for the child, subject to the School’s Accessibility Plan and usual routines and budget constraints, both during the admission process and later as a pupil. 

Where the School agrees to support the provision of additional services, such as the use of extra staff or auxiliary aids, parents or guardians will be charged for these at a level that reasonably reflects the cost to the school of providing the service or facility.

Payment of Fees 

For entry to King’s College School, once a place has been offered parents are required to confirm the reservation by making the corresponding payment as set out below: 


  • A non-returnable enrolment fee per pupil 
  • An advance on the first term’s fee per pupil 

All other year groups: 

  • A non-returnable enrolment fee per pupil 

Children of former King’s College School pupils will benefit from a discount applied to the enrolment fee and siblings of pupils are not required to pay the advance for Nursery. A pupil may not start at the school until King’s College School Accounts Department has received the confirmation payment.

Documentation required on application for a place 

An application for a place in the school may be made by completing and returning the official application form available on the website or from the School Office. 

Parents must provide the following documents before their child commences his/her education at the school: 

  • A signed copy of the School’s Terms and Conditions by which they agree to abide by the school regulations. 
  • A photocopy of either the birth certificate, the “Libro de Familia”, identity card or passport. 
  • Two passport size photographs. 
  • A medical certificate or immunisation records indicating that the child has no infectious or contagious diseases, specific illness or disability. 
  • Photocopies of certificates from previous schools attended, if any. 
  • Photocopies of school reports for the previous years (where appropriate).


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