The Department for Education has put in place a voluntary scheme for the inspection of British schools overseas, whereby schools are inspected against a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to adopt. The purpose of the inspection is to provide information to parents, teachers, senior managers and the school’s management on the overall effectiveness of the school, the standard of education it provides and its compatibility with independent schools in the United Kingdom.

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BSO report

“The welfare, health and safety of the pupils is excellent. Students feel safe and cared for at the School and reported feeling confident to raise concerns with the school if needed.”

“The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the students is excellent. This is an area of strength of the school that permeates through all year groups. In the corridors, the students are keen to greet their teachers and visitors, and actively seek the opportunity to engage in considerate conversations. They display courtesy to all and speak proudly of their school.”

“The school’s provision of information for parents, carers, and others is excellent”

“The school is run in a highly efficient manner. The senior leadership team (SLT) are hands-on, flexible and highly committed to the students and to the school. The headteacher provides an outstanding example to all, being a hard-working, dedicated and down-to-earth leader who knows her staff and her students very well, and provides strong direction for all.”