We offer an array of outdoor and indoor onsite facilities to provide a dynamic learning environment for our pupils.

“The premises and accommodation at KCL are excellent.”

“The premises are well maintained and include impressive facilities which support the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.”

The modern on-site facilities include:

  • Additional learning spaces suitable for all ages
  • Dedicated music and performance spaces including 2 music teaching rooms and additional practice rooms
  • A sports wing including a spacious gym with equipment and markings for all main sports
  • Two swimming pools
  • A weights room and a dance room
  • Two fully equipped science laboratories which allow for students to conduct a variety of practical experiments
  • An art room equipped for developing skills in traditional arts and digital arts
  • Two student libraries and resource centres suitable for the differing age requirements of an all through school
  • A dedicated space for community meetings

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ICT Equipment

Every classroom has its own computing provision. Pupils benefit from a range of early years software packages in the Nursery where they begin to develop basic computer skills such as mouse control.

Children then have the opportunity to practice their skills in an interactive and stimulating environment, usually working in pairs with their teacher or learning assistant. Sound, colour and animation all help to captivate a child’s interest in computing right from the start of their education.

Sports Facilities

Involvement in competitive sport is fun, but the real value is in developing teamwork and working hard physically towards a goal. The health of your child is as important as their intellectual growth, and we provide physical education in the curriculum as well as opportunities to play competitive sport after school.

Whether playing games in the Infant school playground or being part of the football team in Primary school, the children benefit from fresh air and physical fitness. King’s College offer access to many school clubs outside the curriculum that challenge children mentally as well as physically.

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