More than a place of learning, the school nurtures pupils, supports families and reinforces the importance of a balance between work and play. Traditionally sport and team play have been an important part of physical and mental development at British schools. Working hard towards a shared aim gives a sense of achievement. Being part of a team teaches children to understand tactics, cooperation and fair-play. We hope that children at King’s College learn to be chivalrous winners and gracious losers.

Sports & Clubs

Involvement in competitive sport is fun, but the real value is in developing teamwork and working hard physically towards a goal. The health of your child is as important as their intellectual growth and we provide physical education in the curriculum as well as opportunities to play competitive sport after school.

Whether playing games in the Infant school playground, or being part of the football team in Secondary school, the children benefit from fresh air and physical fitness. King’s College offer access to many school clubs outside the curriculum that challenge children mentally as well as physically.

At all of our schools, we invest in first-class sporting facilities, because through the sweat and tears comes a sense of accomplishment and community. We have a wide range of opportunities for children to get involved in sport and other activities throughout their time at school.

At King’s College Latvia we offer a variety of after school clubs to enrich children’s life experiences both physically, creatively and intellectually. During the after school clubs our children benefit from expert coaching in the arts, sports and linguistics and each year we are open we look to improve our offerings.

— Adele Stanford, Headteacher